Monday, February 1, 2010

An Attitude of Gratitude

Sometimes, life is hard. At one time or another, we all believe this to be true. It’s even harder when no matter how much effort we put forth, we just can’t seem to make the correct choices or decisions to make our lives’ easier and more joyful. We’re actually trying too hard. We get so caught up in all that we don’t have and can’t seem to accomplish that we actually bring in more lack.

Life can be easy. It’s your perspective. The more you give, the more you get back. All you need is a change in attitude. One easy way to bring abundance and good things into your life is to acquire an attitude of gratitude. Sounds hard, but it’s actually easier than you think.

Start your day by saying thank you, before your feet even hit the floor. Do this each day and watch how your life changes. This one phrase, spoken from your heart, can make tremendous changes in your life. Just say THANK YOU. If you’ve been given the most wonderful gift of living yet another day, you have one HUGE reason for giving thanks.

As your day progresses, note the different things that bring you happiness. What makes you laugh, lends an element of excitement or surprise and what is it that makes your heart smile? Each day we are given the opportunity to change our life, a do-over if you will. I’ve heard many people say, “I’d like a do-over” without ever realizing they get one, every single day.

So, how do you make your do-over work for you? How do you take this opportunity and really live your best possible life? Change your attitude and express your gratitude. When we give thanks the Universe smiles down upon us by giving us more abundance and of course we give thanks again which in turn elicits more abundance. It’s a wonderful never ending circle. All you need do is say Thank You!

Sometimes, it’s hard to get started. A book, or journal, where you can write down those things you are grateful for at the end of each day is the perfect way to keep track; it allows your mind to recognize those things for which you are truly grateful throughout the day and provides a record so you can actually watch the changes happening in your life.

I started more than 15 years ago with a very pretty, cloth bound book filled with blank pages. I wanted something I would look forward to writing in on a daily basis because I knew I was committed to this and I wanted to enjoy it thoroughly. I found I took a lot less for granted. I was more cognizant of all that was around me and therefore I acknowledged and fully experienced those things that I would write about in my book each night. My goal was to come up with 5 gratitudes. From the warmth of the sun on my face, clean air to breathe and water to drink to the successful completion of a most difficult project, small or large, it was not a very daunting task to come up with 5 things to be grateful for each day. One rule I did impose on myself was that each day had to have 5 different gratitudes.

This was really working. I saw, almost immediately, differences in my life. When I was grateful, I focused on abundance, not on lack. When I focused on abundance, I attracted more abundance. Yes, I was noticing changes in every aspect of my life, all for the better. This was working very well for me indeed.

However, after 10 months of writing in my gratitude journal I began to feel a lack. I didn’t really know what was lacking though. This was easy for me and life was good. I saw changes. I was living an abundant life. Why was I feeling a lack, more importantly, a lack of what? Why was this process not bringing me the results I desired? Now, I didn’t really know what results I wanted, I just knew these results weren’t it. For a long time I pondered what I could do to continue this journey of gratitude but add to it in some way that would fill this need, this sense of lack that I simply could not shake. Then as simply and easily as writing in my journal each day, the answer came to me.

From that day on, I would only write down those things that I was grateful for where I helped others. My daily gratitude journal became a ‘random acts of kindness’ gratitude journal. It provides me the outlet I need, to do for others each and every day, no matter what life throws my way.

Yes, I do still maintain my gratitude journal. I always will. My journal makes my heart smile every day.

I must admit, sometimes, it’s not easy to come up with 5 gratitudes. Sometimes, it’s downright difficult. As challenging as it is however, I have them. Oh, and that lack that I felt? That’s the motivator to finding those gratitudes, the food for my soul, a soul that requires fulfillment and refuses to accept lack.

Start slowly with your gratitude journal. Find just one thing, each day, for which you can be grateful. It‘s not how many things you can come up with that matters. What matters is that you start.

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